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phylotastic/datelife: datelife v0.6.6

Luna L. Sanchez Reyes; Brian O'Meara; Peter E. Midford; Scott Chamberlain; Joseph W. Brown; Emily Jane McTavish; Katrin Leinweber; Klaus Schliep

datelife v0.6.6
  • when congruification fails, return NA and produce a warning on functions that use geiger::congruify.phylo():
    • congruify_and_mrca_phylo()
    • extract_calibrations_phylo()
    • congruify_and_check()
  • changes to congruify_and_mrca_multiPhylo():
    • filters out results of congruify_and_mrca_phylo() that do not inherit data.frame; usually this happens when congruification fails
    • correctly assigns congruified phy as attribute
  • use_calibrations_bladj.matchedCalibrations() correctly uses calibrations argument
  • get_ott_children() added error handling for when OpenTree APIs might be down, or there is no internet connection
  • varius fixes to make_datelife_query() et al. functions
  • added a new vignette for making datelife query functions (allows testing various functionalities)
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