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OpenEMS/openems: 2022.11.0

Stefan Feilmeier; wgerbl; ebakir; fabianfnc; huseyinsaht; pooran-c; Max Obermeier; sebastianasen; Sagar; Kyle; luzpaz; dependabot-support; lukasrgr; Lisa Kaindl; Christian Lehne; ahummelsberger; lukas-bender-rodriguez; Michael Grill; DerWahreKlinki; Simon Fey; greemo; AlexanderHollandFenecon; Leonid Verhovskij; Martin Grüning; Denis Jasselette; Maximilian Lang; Andreas Fischer; Anita4Schmid

  • Add TimescaleDB timeseries database support to OpenEMS Backend (BETA test quality) (#1964)
  • Implementation of Weidmüller fieldbus coupler UR20-FBC-MOD-TCP-V2 (#1964)
  • Implementation of Meter Ziehl EFR4001IP (#1964)
  • Implementation of KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 10 (#1966)
    • NOTE: implementation is open source, but requires a proprietary identkey. See Pull-Request for details.
Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  • SDM630 Meter: fix Energy values; implement ModbusSlave (#1953) Thanks @DerWahreKlinki
  • SDM630 Meter: implement ModbusSlave (#1952) Thanks @DerWahreKlinki
  • OpenEMS Docs (#1958)
    • fix xref links
    • ignore backend bundles
    • update package.json dependencies
    • drop unused files
  • Shelly: fix possible NullPointerException (#1959)
  • ElementToChannelConverter KEEP_POSITIVE (#1961) Thanks @tsicking
  • Timedata/InfluxDB: Add documentation (#1963)
Version upgrades FEMS Backports 2022-10 (#1948)
  • OpenEMS Edge

    • Improve startup time/behaviour via @Activate/@Modifed/@Deactivate
    • Soltaro Battery: remove non-required info
    • Sinexcel Battery-Inverter: improve control speed
    • Time-Of-Use-Discharge Controller: properly handle emergency reserve SoC
    • Sell-To-Grid-Limit PV-Inverter: add asymmetric control
    • Improvements to App-Center
    • Improvements to Network Configuration
    • Add Modbus/TCP definitions for GoodWe ESS
  • OpenEMS UI

    • Add linting check to Github Workflow/CI
    • Improvements to Alerting
    • Improvements to Network Configuration
    • ngx-translate: switch to async translations and json file format; Translations are now compatible with i18n-ally Visual Studio Code extension
    • General improvements
  • OpenEMS Backend

    • Add TimescaleDB implementation (BETA test quality)
    • Handle SerialNumber of EMS in Odoo
    • Improvements to Alerting
    • Improve handling of subscribes to Channels
    • Move EdgeCache (caching of current data) to EdgeWebsocket.WsData
    • Metadata.Odoo: code cleanup
    • General performance improvements - analyzed via JDK Mission Control
  • Common

    • JsonUtils: performance improvements + JUnit tests
    • Improve automated Websocket reconnect on error
    • Add @Modifed to all Singletons
    • Handle @Modifed in JUnit tests
FEMS Backports 2022.11 (#1964)
  • OpenEMS Edge

    • Implementation of Weidmüller fieldbus coupler UR20-FBC-MOD-TCP-V2
      • Configuration is dynamically read from Modbus and Channels are created accordingly in the same format as for the existing WAGO fieldbus coupler.
    • Implementation of Meter Ziehl EFR4001IP
    • GoodWe Grid-Meter: implement ModbusSlave, improve code, HIGH modbus priority
    • Modbus-Bridge Cleanup
      • Prepare for bigger changes in Modbus-Bridge implementation
      • Rename Thread inside AbstractWorker to thread and make it protected
      • Drop priority ONCE, because it has no feasible use the way it is implemented currently. Use LOW instead. It makes sure the value is actually going to be read, even if e.g. the connection cannot be established from the beginning
      • Simplify TasksManager and move unused parts to Kostal Piko implementation
    • Structural changes in EVCS. Thanks @sebastianasen
      • AbstractManagedEvcs
        • Write handler no longer needed in every Evcs Component
        • Abstract Methods to ensure the minimum required information
        • Calculating the flexible hardware power limits depending on the hardware limits and current used phases
        • Handles the current ChargeState (Additionally to a normal State "CHARGING", it is aware if the limit is increasing, decreasing, normal or not charging)
        • This State is important because an evcs and the car itself need from 5 to 40 seconds (round about), till a limit is taken
      • Changed:
        • Phases stored as Enum
        • MaximumHardwarePower set by the component changed to FixedMaximumHardwarePower
        • MaximumHardwarePower still present (for boundaries in UI), but calculated automatically mentioned in AbstractManagedEvcs
        • EvcsCluster ClusterState depending on ChargeStates of each evcs.
        • Blocking new distribution if there was a regulation before and one or more evcss still increasing or decreasing.
        • Limit for each evcs is set with a filter
        • Fallback solution if the grid meter is above the limit
        • Evcs Comonents
        • Extending AbstractManagedEvcs & changes according to that
    • Improvements in App-Center
  • OpenEMS UI

    • Wait for App till translations are loaded
  • Common

    • Fix TypeUtils multiply
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