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Software Open Access

SDXorg/pysd: 3.7.0

Eneko Martin-Martinez; James Houghton; Alexey; Roger Samsó; Julien Malard-Adam; SimonStrong; Takuya Iwanaga; Patrick Breach; Diego Rodrigo; ...; ainar; Joona Tuovinen; Manuel Ruh; María Robles del Blanco; mhy05; Ewout ter Hoeven

New Features

  • Simulation results can now be stored as netCDF4 files. (@rogersamso)
  • The CLI also accepts netCDF4 file paths after the -o argument. (@rogersamso)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug when a WITH LOOKUPS argument has subscripts. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Fix bug of exportig csv files with multiple subscripts variables. (@rogersamso)
  • Fix bug of missing dimensions in variables defined with not all the subscripts of a range (issue #364). (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Fix bug when running a model with variable final time or time step and progressbar (issue #361). (@enekomartinmartinez)


  • Add Storing simulation results on a file section in the Getting Started page. (@rogersamso)
  • Include cookbook information in the Getting Started page. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Include an introduction of main historical changes in the About the Project page. (@enekomartinmartinez)


  • Exporting outputs as netCDF4 is much faster than exporting a pandas DataFrame, especially for large models. (@rogersamso)

Internal Changes

  • Make PySD work with parsimonius 0.10.0. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Add netCDF4 dependency for tests. (@rogersamso)
  • Improve warning message when replacing a stock with a parameter. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Include more pytest parametrizations in some test and make them translate the models in temporary directories. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Include lychee-action in the GHA workflow to check the links. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Update License. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Include Maintained? Yes and Contributions welcome badges. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Update links to the new repository location. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Reduce relative precision from 1e-10 to 1e-5 to compute the saving times and final time. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Add convergence tests for Euler integration method. (@enekomartinmartinez)
  • Include build docs check in the GHA workflow to avoid warnings with sphinx. (@enekomartinmartinez)
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