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pyam: analysis and visualization of integrated-assessment and macro-energy scenarios

Huppmann, Daniel; Gidden, Matthew J.; Nicholls, Zebedee; Hörsch, Jonas; Lamboll, Robin D.; Kishimoto, Paul Natsuo; Burandt, Thorsten; Fricko, Oliver; Byers, Edward; Kikstra, Jarmo S.; Brinkerink, Maarten; Budzinski, Maik; Maczek, Florian; Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian; Welder, Lara; Alvarez Quispe, Erik Francisco; Smith, Christopher J.

Release v1.6.0 Highlights
  • Improved performance for writing data to xlsx
  • Support for filtering by model-scenario pairs with an index argument
  • Better integration with the IIASA Scenario Explorer database API
Dependency changes

PR #701 added xlsxwriter as a dependency for better performance.

Individual updates
  • #702 Migrate compute_bias() to compute module
  • #701 Add xlsxwriter as dependency to improve to_excel() performance
  • #699 Add filter options to IIASA API index(), meta() and properties() methods
  • #697 Add warning if IIASA API returns empty result
  • #696 Added ability to load preferentially from a local cache
  • #695 Remove unused meta levels during initialization
  • #688 Remove ixmp as optional dependency
  • #684 Use new IIASA-manager API with token refresh
  • #679 set_meta() now supports pandas.DataFrame as an argument
  • #674 Support filtering data by model-scenario pairs with the index argument to filter() and slice()
If you use this package, please cite the corresponding manuscript in Open Research Europe.
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