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Enhancing Derivational Information on Latin Lemmas in the LiLa Knowledge Base. A Structural and Diachronic Extension

Pellegrini, Matteo; Passarotti, Marco; Litta, Eleonora; Mambrini, Francesco; Moretti, Giovanni; Corbetta, Claudia; Verdelli, Martina

In this paper we document both the structural and the diachronic extension of the derivational information provided in the LiLa Knowledge Base of interoperable linguistic resources for Latin. Structurally, to the flat information on families (i.e., groups of lemmas that share the same base) and affixes that is already available for the collection of lemmas of the LiLa Lemma Bank, we add hierarchical information on derivation processes provided by the Word Formation Latin (WFL) lexical resource, which in turn is characterised by a step-to-step morphotactic approach, where lexemes that are directly derived from one another are connected through word formation rules of different kinds. This is done by modelling WFL data into an ontology that adheres to the principles of the Linked Data paradigm, and connecting these data to the LiLa Lemma Bank. From a diachronic point of view, while the previous version of WFL only took Classical Latin lemmas into account, in this paper we describe the work conducted to produce a new version of WFL that is enhanced with derivational information on Medieval Latin lemmas. We then show how the data of this new version of WFL were used to extract derivational information in the format required by the LiLa Lemma Bank.

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