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insarlab/MintPy: Version 1.4.0

Zhang Yunjun; Joshua Zahner; stackTom; Falk Amelung; ehavazli; Yuan-Kai Liu; Heresh Fattahi; Forrest Williams; David W Grossman; Oliver Stephenson; BB; Sara Mirzaee; Bryan Marfito; Simran S Sangha; Antonio Valentino; Panji Brotoisworo; Scott Staniewicz; Joseph H Kennedy; Yunmeng Cao; Russell Grew; ranneylxr; Andre Theron; Andrew Johnston; CunrenLiang; James Rine; Lei; Yujie Zheng; cirrusasf; Meissam Mehdizadeh; rzinke

Cut a release for the 2022 UNAVCO InSAR short course (ISCE+).

New Features
  • closure_phase_bias: add the phase non-closure induced bias estimation for small baseline approaches (Zheng et al., 2022) (#765 by Y. Zheng, Z. Yunjun).

  • add bulk_plate_motion to estimate the tectonic plate motion in ENU/LOS direction from plate motion models (Stephenson et al., 2022, under review) (#769,#808 by Y. K. Liu, Z. Yunjun).

  • smallbaselineApp: integrate complex time functions and uncertainty quantification into the routine workflow (#795) via: [backward incompatible change]

    • mintpy.timeFunc.polynomial
    • mintpy.timeFunc.periodic
    • mintpy.timeFunc.stepDate
    • mintpy.timeFunc.exp
    • mintpy.timeFunc.log
    • mintpy.timeFunc.uncertaintyQuantification
    • mintpy.timeFunc.timeSeriesCovFile
  • load_data: load ionosphere stack from isce2/topsStack into ionStack.h5 file with auto-resize (#780, #796 by Y. K. Liu, Z. Yunjun) via:

    • mintpy.load.ionUnwFile
    • mintpy.load.ionCorFile
    • mintpy.load.ionConnCompFile
  • load_data: support mean and median interpolation while loading stacks of observations (#797by Y. K. Liu) via: [backward incompatible change]

    • mintpy.multilook.x/ystep [renamed from mintpy.load.x/ystep]
    • mintpy.multilook.method
  • add for the S1A/B range bias correction for range offset (Yunjun et al., 2022) (#787).

  • auto build the latest and develop docker image and push to the GitHub container registry (#696 by J. Kennedy).

  • add mintpy to the Debian ecosystem with apt install support (#812 by A. Valentino).

  • add the single entry point with sub-commands via mintpy.__main__ (#823 by A. Valentino)

Technical Improvements
  • add mintpy.objects.ionex for IONEX file download and read, to replace the previous mintpy.simulation.iono (#794).

  • tsview: switch to a new narrower slider and replace fig.canvas.draw() with fig.canvas.draw_idel/flush_events() (#764)

  • repo structure change:

    • move the requirements.txt file to the root level (#772)
    • move shell scripts to the root level as scripts (#785 by A. Valentino)
    • spin off module from utils.plot for lat/lon labels and scalebar (#794)
  • reduced test data size for SanFranSenDT42 and WCapeSenAT29 (#799)

  • bugfixes

  • Zhang Yunjun
  • Yuan-Kai Liu
  • Yujie Zheng
  • Antonio Valentino
  • Joseph Kennedy
  • Brett Buzzanga
  • Scott Staniewicz
  • Falk Amelung
  • Kang Liang
  • Bryan Marfito
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