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A C++17 Thread Pool for High-Performance Scientific Computing

Shoshany, Barak

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.6959270", 
    "description": "v3.3.0 (2022-08-03)\n<ul>\n<li><code>BS_thread_pool.hpp</code>:<ul>\n<li>The public member variable <code>paused</code> of <code>BS::thread_pool</code> has been made private for future-proofing (in case future versions implement a more involved pausing mechanism) and better encapsulation. It is now accessible only via the <code>pause()</code>, <code>unpause()</code>, and <code>is_paused()</code> member functions. In other words:<ul>\n<li>Replace <code>pool.paused = true</code> with <code>pool.pause()</code>.</li>\n<li>Replace <code>pool.paused = false</code> with <code>pool.unpause()</code>.</li>\n<li>Replace <code>if (pool.paused)</code> (or similar) with <code>if (pool.is_paused())</code>.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>The public member variable <code>f</code> of <code>BS::multi_future</code> has been renamed to <code>futures</code> for clarity, and has been made private for encapsulation and simplification purposes. Instead of operating on the vector <code>futures</code> itself, you can now use the <code>[]</code> operator of the <code>BS::multi_future</code> to access the future at a specific index directly, or the <code>push_back()</code> member function to append a new future to the list. The <code>size()</code> member function tells you how many futures are currently stored in the object.</li>\n<li>The explicit casts of <code>std::endl</code> and <code>std::flush</code>, added in v3.2.0 to enable flushing a <code>BS::synced_stream</code>, caused ODR (One Definition Rule) violations if <code>BS_thread_pool.hpp</code> was included in two different translation units, since they were mistakenly not defined as <code>inline</code>. To fix this, I decided to make them static members of <code>BS::synced_stream</code> instead of global variables, which also makes the code better organized in my opinion. These objects can now be accessed as <code>BS::synced_stream::endl</code> and <code>BS::synced_stream::flush</code>. I also added an example for how to use them in <code></code>. See <a href=\"\">#64</a>.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li><code>BS_thread_pool_light.hpp</code>:<ul>\n<li>This package started out as a very lightweight thread pool, but over time has expanded to include many additional features, and at the time of writing it has a total of 340 lines of code, including all the helper classes. Therefore, I have decided to bundle a light version of the thread pool in a separate and stand-alone header file, <code>BS_thread_pool_light.hpp</code>, with only 170 lines of code (half the size of the full package). This file does not contain any of the helper classes, only a new <code>BS::thread_pool_light</code> class, which is a minimal thread pool with only the 5 most basic member functions:<ul>\n<li><code>get_thread_count()</code></li>\n<li><code>push_loop()</code></li>\n<li><code>push_task()</code></li>\n<li><code>submit()</code></li>\n<li><code>wait_for_tasks()</code></li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>A separate test program <code>BS_thread_pool_light_test.cpp</code> tests only the features of the lightweight <code>BS::thread_pool_light</code> class. In the spirit of minimalism, it does not generate a log file and does not do any benchmarks.</li>\n<li>To be perfectly clear, each header file is 100% stand-alone. If you wish to use the full package, you only need <code>BS_thread_pool.hpp</code>, and if you wish to use the light version, you only need <code>BS_thread_pool_light.hpp</code>. Only a single header file needs to be included in your project.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n</ul>", 
    "license": {
      "id": "MIT"
    "title": "A C++17 Thread Pool for High-Performance Scientific Computing", 
    "notes": "If you use this package in published research, please cite it as follows.", 
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    "version": "v3.3.0", 
    "publication_date": "2021-05-03", 
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        "orcid": "0000-0003-2222-127X", 
        "name": "Shoshany, Barak"
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