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cgre-aachen/gempy: Gempy 2.2.12

Miguel de la Varga; Elisa Heim; Jan von Harten; Jan Niederau; Fabian; Florian Wellmann; AlexanderJuestel; SimonVirgo; Marco van Veen; Alexander G. Zimmerman; Andrew Annex; Yuriy Ivanov; MoiseRousseau; Tobias Glaubach; RichardScottOZ; Bane Sullivan; Mikhail Kondratyev; Dieter Werthmüller; Adam Kosik; Christian Meeßen; domist07; Blue Tyson; Florian Wagner; G. D. McBain

What's Changed
  • Pflotran output by @MoiseRousseau in
  • Freeze pandas version to < 1.4.0 by @Leguark in #665 - new release of pandas 1.4.1 changed a lot with how data is read in, so it was decided to freeze pandas to an older version for the meantime, as pandas is mainly used for reading data (this belongs to 2.2.11 which was skipped on github
  • Update by @flohorovicic in
  • Warning of currently incomaptible pandas version in and setup, and increased export functionality for shemat-suite by @Japhiolite in
  • Remove deprecated inplace argument in pandas methods by @AlexanderJuestel in #683
  • Remove deprecated collections in import by @AlexanderJuestel in #686
  • Fix inadequate ploting of the geological map by @mkondratyev85 in #689
  • Add option to save sections and solutions by @Japhiolite in #692
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