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Engineering Dust Coma Model (EDCM) for ESA's Comet Interceptor mission to a dynamically new comet

Marschall, Raphael; Zakharov, Vladimir; Tubiana, Cecilia; Kelley, Michael S. P.; van Damme, Carlos Corral; Snodgrass, Colin; Jones, Geraint H.; Ivanovski, Stavro L.; Postberg, Frank; Della Corte, Vincenzo; Vincent, Jean-Baptiste; Muñoz, Olga; La Forgia, Fiorangela; Levasseur-Regourd, Anny-Chantal

This data-set contains all results from the Engineering Dust Coma Model (EDCM) for ESA's Comet Interceptor (CI) mission to a dynamically new comet.

A full description of the model behind the data can be found in the peer-reviewed paper Marschall, Zakharov et al. (accepted). Please cite this data-set and the paper when using the data.

Contemporary numerical models of dusty-gas coma are used to obtain spatial distribution of dust for a given set of parameters. By varying parameters within a range of possible values we obtain an ensemble of possible dust distributions. Then, this ensemble is statistically evaluated in order to define the most probable cases and hence reduce the dispersion. This ensemble can be used to estimate not only the likely dust abundance along e.g. a fly-by trajectory of a spacecraft but also quantify the associated uncertainty.

The dust environment assessment for the case when the target comet is not known beforehand (or when its parameters are known with large uncertainty) is critical for spacecraft safety and planning. The EDCM provides an assessment of dust environment for the CI mission.

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