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CloudOps: Towards the Operationalization of the Cloud Continuum: Concepts, Challenges and a Reference Framework

Alonso, Juncal; Huarte, Maider; Orue-Echevarria, Leire

The current trend of developing highly distributed, context aware, heterogeneous computing
intense and data-sensitive applications is changing the boundaries of cloud computing.
Encouraged by the growing IoT paradigm and with flexible edge devices available, an ecosystem
of a combination of resources, ranging from high density compute and storage to very lightweight
embedded computers running on batteries or solar power, is available for DevOps teams from what is
known as the Cloud Continuum. In this dynamic context, manageability is key, as well as controlled
operations and resources monitoring for handling anomalies. Unfortunately, the operation and
management of such heterogeneous computing environments (including edge, cloud and network
services) is complex and operators face challenges such as the continuous optimization and autonomous
(re-)deployment of context-aware stateless and stateful applications where, however, they
must ensure service continuity while anticipating potential failures in the underlying infrastructure.
In this paper, we propose a novel CloudOps workflow (extending the traditional DevOps pipeline),
proposing techniques and methods for applications’ operators to fully embrace the possibilities of the
Cloud Continuum. Our approach will support DevOps teams in the operationalization of the Cloud
Continuum. Secondly, we provide an extensive explanation of the scope, possibilities and future of
the CloudOps.

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