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The Threatening English Language (TEL) Corpus

Gales, Tammy; Nini, Andrea; Symonds, Ellen

TEL is the Threatening English Language corpus. It is a collection of 309 written texts compiled from the publicly-available portion of CTARC (the Communicated Threat Assessment Research Corpus, compiled by Tammy Gales), MFT (the Malicious Forensic Texts corpus, compiled by Andrea Nini), and the written portion of CoJO (the Corpus of Judicial Opinions, compiled by Julia Muschalik). Additional texts are from (the forensic linguistic data site hosted by Tammy Gales and Dakota Wing). Basic metadata is supplied for each text where known from the original case research. We wish to thank our graduate student fellows who helped compile the texts and metadata: Nicole Harris, Annina van Riper, Zara Rabinko, and Zachary Boudreaux.

Total texts: 309
Total estimated authors: 203
Total word count: 54,167


TG = Tammy Gales (public portion of CTARC)
AN = Andrea Nini (MFT)
JM = Julia Muschalik (written portion of CoJo)
FL = (Tammy Gales and Dakota Wing)

Name###_## = file name, case number, text number within case
File name might be threat recipient or author; remaining info is about the author, where known

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