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D5.3v1: Propagation of interdependent quantities in the calculation of luminosities of galaxies

José Enrique Ruiz; Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro; Susana Sánchez

This document describes the development of the first Golden Exemplar proposed in Work Package 5: Workflow Astronomy Preservation. It pertains to the deployment of a Research Object (RO) associated to the study of the propagation of astrophysical quantities in the calculation of luminosities of galaxies. The main goal of this deliverable D5.3v1 is to produce the workflows and RO for the first Golden Exemplar. These may be accessed publicly in the MyExperiment portal, where the whole RO has been uploaded as MyExperiment Pack. Preservation aspects have been preliminarily explored now while they will be explored in more detail in future versions D5.3v2/v3.

The scientific experiment represented by the RO produced is related with the curation of a local user database storing values of physical properties needed in the multi-wavelength study of a sample of the most isolated galaxies in the local universe. The content of this database relies on a set of basic experimental values retrieved from external data repositories and combined by means of mathematical equations. The update of the external data repositories has an impact on the preservation of the digital experiment, since it is essential to know how and when those repositories are updated, so that the propagation of the changes through the existing internal relation among the data can be triggered and registered.

We provide a detailed description of the Golden Exemplar including information about the implementation process of the RO and the scientific results obtained after the enactment of the workflows. Further, we provide a discussion about how the use of the RO will have an impact on the present curation tasks undertaken in the group, preservation and versioning issues of the RO as well as requirements for annotations applied to the RO. Finally we provide several scenarios of use, one focused in the creation and publication of the RO (submission), other focused in discovery and re-use of the RO (dissemination), and a brief discussion related to the structure and organization of the RO content storage (archival).

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