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Genshin Impact Leak Shows Difference Between Diluc's New and Old Skin


Despite being one of the principal focuses of Genshin Impact, the game's playable characters seldom get new costumes. The two first skins were added during the Golden Apple Archipelago events back in Genshin Impact update 1.6, in which the two sisters, Jean and Barbara, got the game's first Summer themed outfits.

Since then, at that point, the game has brought new costumes just a single other time toward the start of 2022 during Genshin Impact Version 2.4. In any case, it seems like one more restricted five-star character could accept his first new skin. A new Genshin Impact leak reveals more details around one of the impending costumes for a famous Pyro claymore character.

Redditor russ_victoria has shared an interesting post on the famous Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit uncovering more details about the impending skin for Diluc, the Darknight Hero. Previous leaks have uncovered that, dissimilar to different costumes, Diluc's new skin will have a higher five-star extraordinariness, implying that it will acquaint extra changes with his battle effects. Diluc's Elemental Skill allows him to swing his sword three times, managing Pyro harm in the process. The new leak compares the difference between the skins, and it seems like the flames on the new one will be slightly hazier.

Fans are by and large content with the skin, especially considering that Diluc is turning out to be less used with each new update, and this could increase his notoriety. While the general effects seem satisfying, numerous replies in the remark section trust that the model of Diluc's face will see some improvements. As indicated by them, his face is disproportionate contrasted and other tall male characters. His eyes are quite the focal point of his face, which makes his head look a lot greater than it should be.

A major piece of the local area claims that their decision on purchasing the new skin will be vigorously impacted by HoYoverse's way to deal with changing Diluc's obsolete model. With regards to the value, there is still no authority data, however as per different rumors, the new skill will cost around $40. One of the primary reasons why a ton of players could try not to get the new costume is because Diluc is essential for Genshin Impact's Standard Banner.

This less famous pennant features five distinct five-star characters implying that players have a much lower chance of getting numerous copies of a single person to develop their constellation levels. Since the game's release back in September 2020, Diluc went from being the best DPS character in Genshin Impact to A-level or B-level person.

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