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D2.3 Sustainable Trade Toolbox

Vidueira, P; Bustamante, M; Bettoni, M; Coppens, D; Kamperman Sanders, A; Kesteloot, T; Knickel, K; Matthysen, J; Menghi, A; Steiner, B; Voglhuber-Slavinsky, A

Within the MATS project, WP2 aims to design an enhanced analytical framework for forthcoming analyses in the different work packages. Task 2.3 feeds into this broader analytical framework providing an analysis of relevant frameworks, approaches, methods, and tools to assess agri-food trade from a sustainability perspective and with a systemic view. Deliverable 2.3 presents the results of the Task in the form of a compilation of instruments within a toolbox format. This toolbox is proposed to be used under a food systems perspective to better address the challenges placed by agri-food trade on sustainability and human wellbeing.

To obtain the list of instruments, a first stage of defining criteria was applied, considering specific keywords for the searching process and the potential usefulness of the instrument. The criteria were applied when consulting various sources to identify and select relevant instruments. Finally, the information is presented in the form of a collection of factsheets, designed around descriptors that facilitate navigation and an efficient use of the toolbox.

The toolbox comprises 114 instruments that range from guiding principles and approaches to specific methods, tools, and sets indicators. It is important to note that this toolbox will be updated after the completion of all data-based analyses in MATS. An interactive search system will be added to enhance the use of the toolbox. The updated version of the toolbox will eventually be available for wide use in research, policy and practice.

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