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Academic profiling, instead of ranking, with ProAc

Crameri, Fabio

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  "description": "<p>Academia evaluation is currently done by ranking&nbsp;academics, mainly&nbsp;on the basis&nbsp;on one single, flawed number, the h-index.&nbsp;<strong><em>Pro</em>Ac</strong> (<a href=\"\"></a>),&nbsp;a data-based, visual toolbox that <strong>allows to profile academics</strong> based on not just one, but a selection of elaborate metrics. Crucially, this will reduce unnecessary competition between academics and current ranking biases, and foster high-quality, instead of high-quantity, research.</p>", 
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      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Crameri, Fabio"
  "headline": "Academic profiling, instead of ranking, with ProAc", 
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  "datePublished": "2022-05-21", 
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  "version": "0.1.0", 
  "keywords": [
    "academic profiling", 
    "academic profile", 
    "Fabio Crameri", 
    "academic ranking", 
    "academic evaluation", 
    "science metrics", 
    "research assessment"
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  "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", 
  "name": "Academic profiling, instead of ranking, with ProAc"
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