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invenia/JLSO.jl: v2.7.0

Rory Finnegan; Frames Catherine White; Fernando Chorney; Nick Robinson; Curtis Vogt; cossio; Mary Jo Ramos; Anthony Blaom, PhD; Bailey Shirtliff; Harmen Stoppels; Julia TagBot; Jun Tian; mattBrzezinski; Colin Summers

JLSO v2.7.0

Diff since v2.6.0

Closed issues:

  • [CI] TypeError: in new, expected Union{Nothing, DateTime}, got a value of type Int64 (#115)
  • CI Failure: BSON not found in tests on julia 1.7 (#118)
  • JLSO.load fails in v 1.7.1 (#119)
  • Rule of thumb for when JLSO is inefficient in terms of file size (#120)

Merged pull requests:

  • MassInstallAction: Install the BlueStyleFormatter workflow on this repository (#113) (@mattBrzezinski)
  • TimeZones <= 1.5 for testing (#117) (@rofinn)
  • Rule of thumb for when to use JLSO (#121) (@cossio)
  • Adds check for version number when running bson manifest tests (#122) (@BaileyBox)
  • make _CACHE thread-safe (#123) (@cossio)
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