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SDSS Galaxy Subset

Carvalho, Nuno Ramos

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    "access_right_category": "success", 
    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.6501642", 
    "description": "<p>The&nbsp;<a href=\"\">Sloan Digital Sky Survey</a>&nbsp; (SDSS) is a comprehensive survey of the northern sky. This dataset contains a subset of this survey, of 60247&nbsp;objects classified as galaxies, it includes a CSV file with a collection of information and a set of files for each object, namely JPG image files, FITS and spectra data. This dataset is used to train and explore the&nbsp;<a href=\"\">astromlp-models</a>&nbsp;collection of deep learning models for galaxies characterisation.</p>\n\n<p>The dataset includes a CSV data file where each row is an object from the SDSS database, and with the following columns (note that some data may not be available for all objects):</p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li><strong>objid</strong>: unique SDSS object identifier&nbsp;</li>\n\t<li><strong>mjd</strong>: MJD of observation</li>\n\t<li><strong>plate</strong>: plate identifier</li>\n\t<li><strong>tile</strong>: tile identifier</li>\n\t<li><strong>fiberid</strong>: fiber identifier</li>\n\t<li><strong>run</strong>: run number</li>\n\t<li><strong>rerun</strong>: rerun number</li>\n\t<li><strong>camcol</strong>: camera column</li>\n\t<li><strong>field</strong>: field number</li>\n\t<li><strong>ra</strong>: right ascension</li>\n\t<li><strong>dec</strong>: declination</li>\n\t<li><strong>class</strong>: spectroscopic class (only objetcs with GALAXY are included)</li>\n\t<li><strong>subclass</strong>: spectroscopic subclass</li>\n\t<li><strong>modelMag_u</strong>: better of DeV/Exp magnitude fit for band u</li>\n\t<li><strong>modelMag_g</strong>: better of DeV/Exp magnitude fit for band g</li>\n\t<li><strong>modelMag_r</strong>: better of DeV/Exp magnitude fit for band r</li>\n\t<li><strong>modelMag_i</strong>: better of DeV/Exp magnitude fit for band i</li>\n\t<li><strong>modelMag_z</strong>: better of DeV/Exp magnitude fit for band z</li>\n\t<li><strong>redshift</strong>: final redshift from SDSS data z</li>\n\t<li><strong>stellarmass</strong>: stellar mass extracted from the&nbsp;<a href=\"\">eBOSS Firefly catalog</a></li>\n\t<li><strong>w1mag</strong>: WISE W1 &quot;standard&quot; aperture magnitude</li>\n\t<li><strong>w2mag</strong>: WISE W2 &quot;standard&quot; aperture magnitude</li>\n\t<li><strong>w3mag</strong>: WISE W3 &quot;standard&quot; aperture magnitude</li>\n\t<li><strong>w4mag</strong>: WISE W4 &quot;standard&quot; aperture magnitude</li>\n\t<li><strong>gz2c_f</strong>: Galaxy Zoo 2 classification from&nbsp;<a href=\"\">Willett et al 2013</a></li>\n\t<li><strong>gz2c_s</strong>: simplified version of Galaxy Zoo 2 classification (<a href=\"\">labels set</a>)</li>\n</ul>\n\n<p>Besides the CSV file a set of directories are included in the dataset, in each directory you&#39;ll find a list of files named after the <strong>objid&nbsp;</strong>column from the CSV file, with the corresponding data, the following directories tree is&nbsp;available:</p>\n\n<pre><code class=\"language-bash\">sdss-gs/\n\u251c\u2500\u2500 data.csv\n\u251c\u2500\u2500 fits\n\u251c\u2500\u2500 img\n\u251c\u2500\u2500 spectra\n\u2514\u2500\u2500 ssel</code></pre>\n\n<p>Where, each directory contains:</p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li><strong>img</strong>: RGB images from the object in JPEG format, 150x150 pixels, generated using the&nbsp;<a href=\"\">SkyServer DR16 API</a></li>\n\t<li><strong>fits</strong>: FITS data subsets around the object across the u, g, r, i, z bands; cut is done using the&nbsp;<a href=\"\">ImageCutter</a>&nbsp;library</li>\n\t<li><strong>spectra</strong>: full best fit spectra data from SDSS between 4000 and 9000 wavelengths</li>\n\t<li><strong>ssel</strong>: best fit spectra data from SDSS for specific selected intervals of wavelengths discussed by&nbsp;<a href=\"\">S&aacute;nchez Almeida 2010</a></li>\n</ul>\n\n<p><strong>Changelog</strong></p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li>v0.0.2&nbsp;- Increase number ob objects to ~60k..</li>\n\t<li>v0.0.1 - Initial import.</li>\n</ul>", 
    "license": {
      "id": "CC-BY-4.0"
    "title": "SDSS Galaxy Subset", 
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    "publication_date": "2022-04-28", 
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        "orcid": "0000-0002-5270-2472", 
        "name": "Carvalho, Nuno Ramos"
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