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Deliverable D6.2 - Business Models and Financial Schemes: identification and development

Moran, Marianna

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  "description": "<p>This&nbsp;report analyses various business models and financial schemes that will potentially be employed to commercialise the e-SAFE solutions.</p>\n\n<p>After setting out the context, by providing an overview of e-SAFE&rsquo;s mission and purpose, this report sets out the foundations for developing the core e-SAFE actors&rsquo; business model, namely e-IPR and e-FOUNDATION, utilising the business model canvas methodology.<br>\ne-IPR will be the entity managing the relationships with e-SAFE&rsquo;s target market and business partners and receive all license/royalty revenue emanating from such relationships. As a result, e-IPR will be the core e-SAFE trading company, in charge of holding and developing e-SAFE assets and trading profits.<br>\ne-FOUNDATION will act as the funding, financing and advocacy vehicle of e-SAFE, aiming to make e-SAFE affordable to the target customer segments that are not able to proceed with conventional financing. To this end, it will develop an array of financial/funding tools and schemes, which will be made available through new or existing One-Stop Shops in key target locations. Further, it will play an important advocacy role, engaging with stakeholders to promote deep seismic and energy renovation more generally.</p>\n\n<p>This report also explores the financial/funding schemes/tools that e-FOUNDATION may have in store for its potential customers on a high-level basis, i.e. a dedicated crowdfunding platform (e-CROWD) incorporating a peer-to-peer lending platform, direct financing options, green bonds, energy trading via smart contracts as well as financial and fiscal incentives. D6.3 &ldquo;White Paper for policy engagement&rdquo; complements this exercise by aiming to design adaptable financial and fiscal incentives to be included in a template White Paper, to be used for advocacy purposes by e-FOUNDATION.</p>", 
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      "name": "Moran, Marianna"
  "headline": "Deliverable D6.2 - Business Models and Financial Schemes: identification and development", 
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  "datePublished": "2022-04-27", 
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  "keywords": [
    "Financial schemes for building renovation", 
    "Business models for building renovation", 
    "Market exploitation", 
    "Market segments"
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  "name": "Deliverable D6.2 - Business Models and Financial Schemes: identification and development"
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