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How to add humor to your personal narratives Guide-2022

Betty Margaret

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  <dc:description>Sounds funny but to attract readers, humor is the best option regardless of the subject matter. Humor is an essential part of the day-to-day interactions either we are communicating with our friend or bargaining with a shopkeeper. Humor is not only used in fictional work or satire but in academic writing also. Humor as a tool of communication can humanize a person that strengthens the bond with readers. Your work will stand out among others due to its humorous touch.




Humor is a technique or a device used in most writings. This element is seen in magazines, blogs, fiction stories, and other prose writings where you want to make people laugh out loud. Humor increases the reading and remembering capacity. The act of writing becomes more enjoyable when you humanize it. The funny side in the writing reduces refutation and stress posed by the writing process and your creativity is boosted by it. Even if you are discussing a serious topic, adding humor makes it enjoyable for the readers. You can take the assistance of an essay writing service.




Humor acts as an engaged in your writing. Make people laugh by using humorous events and words. You can add this humorous nature inside you in your narrative essay. Write universal experiences with which your essay writer may be familiar. Present absurd events with different perspectives. You can even change very boring elements into funniest ones. Follow my key steps that can help you in writing a narrative essay.


Know the interest of the audience


A joke good for one group of people might not be liked by another group of people as everyone has their own choices. Depending on the preferences you can use a joke. Humor for kids and school going children is quite different from humor for adults. To know about your audience preferences and make jokes accordingly.


Crack short jokes


Writing humorous content in the narrative essay is quite different from the traditional stand-up comedians work that has to act in front of the audience. You just need to add humor to the story without dominating the given piece of work. Readers lose interest in long jokes so keep them short.


Use the rule of three


To make your narrative writing more attractive, you can use three ideas together in a set pattern.

In this rule, you will put two similar ideas together and the third idea will be incongruent with the previous two. This rule is used because it’s easier for people to remember. This step helps craft natural humor into narrative essays. This is also used in the article leads as an opening sentence. You can use the two amazing ideas together where the less important idea can be the pattern and the other point can be a punchline.


Include the surprising element


To make your text to be commodious, you need to use some unexpected humor thought. Anything that can surprise the audience will be a surprising element. You can see samples in write my essay service that surprise elements are always there in personal narrative.


Cliché can be another way to add humor


Although the use of clichés is considered to be a bad form of writing to add humor cliché serves the best function. Cliché can be used with any word or phrase. Take one cliché and expand it further.


Use some stories and funny anecdotes


Usually, we laugh at true stories in real-life. We laugh at these scenes more than jokes. So it will be a good idea to use them in your narrative.


Humor is a good skill if you use it correctly in your writing. Use these tricks to add humor to your narratives and fascinate the readers.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>How to add humor to your personal narratives Guide-2022</dc:title>
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