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insarlab/MintPy: Version 1.3.3

Zhang Yunjun; Joshua Zahner; stackTom; ehavazli; Falk Amelung; Heresh Fattahi; Forrest Williams; Yuan-Kai Liu; David W Grossman; Oliver Stephenson; BB; Sara Mirzaee; Simran S Sangha; Panji Brotoisworo; Bryan Marfito; Scott Staniewicz; Yunmeng Cao; Russell Grew; ranneylxr; Andre Theron; Andrew Johnston; CunrenLiang; James Rine; Joseph H Kennedy; Lei; cirrusasf; Meissam Mehdizadeh; rzinke; Bhuvan Varugu; sanghoonhong

Cut a new release for Yunjun et al. (2022) and Gregg et al. (2022).

New Features:
  • add to mask areas susceptible to the closure phase bias (Zheng et al., 2022), contributed by Yujie Zheng
  • add and simulation/ for GIM-based ionospheric correction for range offset (Yunjun et al., 2022)
  • [preliminary] add TS full covariance matrix calculation and propagation, with contributions from Sara Mirzaee
  • File I/O:
    • support 4D matrix IO in readfile/writefile/
    • support SLC stack as FILE_TYPE==timeseries and DATA_TYPE==complex
    • initial NO_DATA_VALUE support as a new standard metadata
    • uavsar: support UAVSAR .ann/lkv/llh files reading and solid Earth tides correction
    • prep_fringe: add "connectComponent" to ifgramStack file if exists, contributed by Brett Buzzanga
  • Utilities:
    • add/diff/image_stitch: generic multi-dataset file support, with contributions from Yuan-Kai Liu and Ollie Stephenson
    • support decomposition with pixel-wised geometry via --geom-file option
    • geocode: change the default geocoding output lat/lon step from "same row/col number" to "same pixel area", with contributions from Brett Buzzanga
  • add mintpy.unwrapError.connCompMinArea option, contributed by Sara Mirzaee
  • visualization:
    • plot_network: color-code network based on temp/perp baseline, contributed by Yuan-Kai Liu
    • view: add --no-data-value option
    • tsview: support --coastline via carroty map projection
    • tsview: support very long TS files, e.g. TEC and GRACE datasets in h5 format.
Technical Improvements:
  • drop dependencies on pykdtree, xarray and zarr as they are now properly installed by condo install pyresample.
  • support h5py>=3 by fixing the bool array indexing bug, contributed by Brett Buzzanga
  • support python 3.9 and python 3.10 via documentation change only
  • fix argv/args bug for conda/pip installed version
  • use numpy values as the standard for the string/object conversion between different packages
  • add the first unit test in tests/
  • refactor the following scripts:
    • legacy/
    • objects/gps.get_gps_los_obs()
  • other bugs fix
  • Zhang Yunjun
  • Yujie Zheng
  • Sara Mirzaee
  • Brett Buzzanga
  • Yuan-Kai Liu
  • Ollie Stephenson
  • Zel Hurewitz
  • Marin Govorcin
  • Andrew Johnston
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