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Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes of some Ethers with Isomeric Methyl Carbazoles

Bimal K. Das

The effect of hydrogen bonding on tho near U.V. absorption spectra. of some Methyl Carbazoles as proton donors with diethyl-other and tetra.hydrofuran as proton acceptors has been studied. Tho \(\pi\) _\(\pi\)* bands of the proton donors shift towards longer wave lengths as a result of such interaction. Using this change in the absorption spectrum, the equilibrium constant in this interaction between the proton donor and the acceptor has been evaluated. It is concluded, from the result, that proton donating power of the Methyl Carbazoles increases in the order 2- Methyl Carbazole > 4- Methyl Carbazole > 3- Methyl Carbazole> 1- Methyl Carbazole, i.e., their base character decreases in the reverse order. The free energy change lies in the range 0·62-1·20 K.Cal/mole.

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