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mipt-npm/kmath: 0.3.0

Alexander Nozik; Iaroslav Postovalov; Roland Grinis; Кислицын Андрей; Aleksandra Novikova; Евгений Михайлович Желенский; Peter Klimai; breandan; Ansh Tyagi; Ivan Kylchik; Andrey Mischenko; Veniamin Viflyantsev; Burkhard Mittelbach; Alexis Manin; Aleksei Trifonov; Andreas Radke; Andrey Antipov; Nikita Klimenko; Paule

  • ScaleOperations interface
  • Field extends ScaleOperations
  • Basic integration API
  • Basic MPP distributions and samplers
  • bindSymbolOrNull
  • Blocking chains and Statistics
  • Multiplatform integration
  • Integration for any Field element
  • Extended operations for ND4J fields
  • Jupyter Notebook integration module (kmath-jupyter)
  • @PerformancePitfall annotation to mark possibly slow API
  • Unified architecture for Integration and Optimization using features.
  • BigInt operation performance improvement and fixes by @zhelenskiy (#328)
  • Integration between MST and Symja IExpr
  • Complex power
  • Separate methods for UInt, Int and Number powers. NaN safety.
  • Tensorflow prototype
  • ValueAndErrorField
  • MST compilation to WASM: #286
  • Jafama integration: #176
  • contentEquals with tolerance: #364
  • Compilation to TeX for MST: #254
  • Exponential operations merged with hyperbolic functions
  • Space is replaced by Group. Space is reserved for vector spaces.
  • VectorSpace is now a vector space
  • Buffer factories for primitives moved to MutableBuffer.Companion
  • Rename NDStructure and NDAlgebra to StructureND and AlgebraND respectively
  • Real -> Double
  • DataSets are moved from functions to core
  • Redesign advanced Chain API
  • Redesign MST. Remove MstExpression.
  • Move MST to core
  • Separated benchmarks and examples
  • Rewrite kmath-ejml without ejml-simple artifact, support sparse matrices
  • Promote stability of kmath-ast and kmath-kotlingrad to EXPERIMENTAL.
  • ColumnarData returns nullable column
  • MST is made sealed interface
  • Replace MST.Symbolic by Symbol, Symbol now implements MST
  • Remove Any restriction on polynomials
  • Add out variance to type parameters of StructureND and its implementations where possible
  • Rename DifferentiableMstExpression to KotlingradExpression
  • FeatureSet now accepts only Feature. It is possible to override keys and use interfaces.
  • Use Symbol factory function instead of StringSymbol
  • New discoverability pattern: <Type>.algebra.<nd/etc>
  • Adjusted commons-math API for linear solvers to match conventions.
  • Buffer algebra does not require size anymore
  • Operations -> Ops
  • Default Buffer and ND algebras are now Ops and lack neutral elements (0, 1) as well as algebra-level shapes.
  • Tensor algebra takes read-only structures as input and inherits AlgebraND
  • UnivariateDistribution renamed to Distribution1D
  • Rework of histograms.
  • UnivariateFunction -> Function1D, MultivariateFunction -> FunctionND
  • Specialized DoubleBufferAlgebra
  • Nearest in Domain. To be implemented in geometry package.
  • Number multiplication and division in main Algebra chain
  • contentEquals from Buffer. It moved to the companion.
  • MSTExpression
  • Expression algebra builders
  • Complex and Quaternion no longer are elements.
  • Second generic from DifferentiableExpression
  • Algebra elements are completely removed. Use algebra contexts instead.
  • Ring inherits RingOperations, not GroupOperations
  • Univariate histogram filling
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