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cta-observatory/ctapipe: v0.13.0 – 2022-04-08

Karl Kosack; Maximilian Nöthe; Jason Watson; Jean Jacquemier; Alison Mitchell; Dominik Neise; Michele Peresano; Christoph Deil; Lukas Nickel; Samuel Timothy Spencer; Raquel de los Reyes; Franca Cassol; Noah Biederbeck; Thomas Vuillaume; Kai Brügge; Michele Mastropietro; Jérémie Decock; Abelardo Moralejo; Wrijupan Bhattacharyya; francesco visconti; Jose Enrique Ruiz; mgaug; Ruben Lopez-Coto; orelgueta; Cyril Alispach; Julien Lefaucheur; Konstantin Pfrang; Moritz Hütten; thomasarmstrong; Alice Donini

What's Changed since v0.12.0
  • Components to modify dl1 images (#1723) @LukasNickel
  • Compute and record shower's core position also in the TiltedFrame when using HillasReconstructor (#1745) @HealthyPear
  • Extractor status flag (#1810) @kosack
  • Unify source.simulation_config return value (#1872) @LukasNickel
  • Update black version (#1871) @LukasNickel
  • Only upload codecov from one build (#1869) @maxnoe
  • Fix traitlets deprecation warning (#1866) @maxnoe
  • Implement public interface for 2d index to/from id (#1854) @maxnoe
  • Implement merging dl2 subarray data, fixes #1861 (#1864) @maxnoe
  • Enable Subarray.to_hdf/from_hdf for already opened file (#1868) @maxnoe
  • Update CI os/install-method/python-version combinations (#1865) @maxnoe
  • Use write_table for image statistics (#1863) @maxnoe
  • Close event source in ProcessorTool.finish (#1862) @maxnoe
  • Update bokeh viewers to version 2.0, remove bokeh viewer tool and WaveformDisplay for now (#1494) @maxnoe
  • Add write_table and use it in SubarrayDescription.to_hdf, fixes #1449 (#1817) @maxnoe
  • resolve environment variables in Path traitlets (#1855) @kosack
  • Require python 3.8, astropy 5 (#1859) @maxnoe
  • Do not run "push" build for Pull Requests, fix mamba build in CI (#1858) @maxnoe
  • Fix CameraFrame transformations for arrays of focal_length, fixes #1850 (#1851) @maxnoe
  • Add macos-latest to CI workflow jobs (#1718) @HealthyPear
  • Add event type filter to ctapipe-process (#1841) @maxnoe
  • Fix scipy deprecation warning (#1846) @maxnoe
  • Point to readthedocs in the README (#1842) @maxnoe
  • Implement treatment of invalid values in FixedPointColumnTransform, fixes #1815 (#1816) @maxnoe
  • Just use a for loop in HDF5TableReader (#1845) @maxnoe
  • Remove print statements from hdf5eventsource (#1844) @maxnoe
  • Add RTD config (#1840) @maxnoe
  • Fix _dev_version being included in wheel (#1839) @maxnoe
  • Raise error for missing focal length (#1835) @maxnoe
  • Rename DL1EventSource to HDF5EventSource, add support for reading R1 waveforms as written by DataWriter (#1837) @maxnoe
  • show Frame in CameraGeometry repr (#1834) @kosack
  • Fix pixel picker for square pixels (#1833) @maxnoe
  • Use .ecsv extension in dump instrument to enable (#1722) @maxnoe
  • Add BrightestPixelsPeakWindowSum extractor (#1823) @maxnoe
  • Remove outdated tools (#1827) @maxnoe
  • Fix incorrect usage of configuration system in calibration calculators and tool example (#1831) @maxnoe
  • Make tests pass independent of cwd (#1818) @maxnoe
  • Read true_image_sum, fixes #1180 (#1814) @maxnoe
  • options to write R0 and R1 waveforms (#1799) @kosack
  • Fix CameraGeometry.transform for cam_rotations != 0, fix pix_rotation for square pixels (#1819) @maxnoe
  • Exclude coverage 6.3 in CI due to nedbat/coveragepy#1310 (#1830) @maxnoe
  • add a simple method to read metadata as a dictionnary from an hdf5 file and allow writing metadata to any path (#1796) @vuillaut
  • Create some issue templates (#1824) @kosack
  • Make sure a fixed random seed is used for toymodel test (#1811) @maxnoe

@HealthyPear, @LukasNickel, @kosack, @maxnoe and @vuillaut

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