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ancklo/ChaosMagPy: ChaosMagPy v0.9

Clemens Kloss

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  <dc:creator>Clemens Kloss</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Version 0.9
Date: April 1, 2022
Release: v0.9
Version of CHAOS: CHAOS-7.10 (0710)

Updated RC-index file to RC_1997-2022_Feb_v3.
Changed the default leap year setting when loading/saving shc-files using
the model classes to leap_year=False.
Added function chaosmagpy.chaos.load_CALS7K_txtfile to read the
CALS7K coefficients file.
Function chaosmagpy.model_utils.design_gauss now accepts
multidimensional shapes of input grids and preserves them in the output.
Added new method chaosmagpy.chaos.Base.to_ppdict, which returns a
dictionary of the pp-form compatible with MATLAB.
Added support for calibration parameters.
Renamed "params.version" in basicConfig to "params.CHAOS_version".


Functions chaosmagpy.data_utils.dyear_to_mjd and
chaosmagpy.data_utils.mjd_to_dyear now correctly convert
negative decimal years and negative modified Julian dates (erroneous offset
of 1 day due to rounding to integer values).
  <dc:title>ancklo/ChaosMagPy: ChaosMagPy v0.9</dc:title>
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