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miguel5612/MQSensorsLib: 3.0.0

Miguel Angel Califa Urquiza; Ghiordy; Jhonatan Ramirez; Prabhu; Vincenzo Manzoni; Yoimer; aetilius; fredolaredo; per1234

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  <dc:creator>Miguel Angel Califa Urquiza</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Jhonatan Ramirez</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Vincenzo Manzoni</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Release library March 2022
Release to update all issues reported and add new sensors to this library!

MQ136 Support
ADS1115 Support
setRL() Float type error
Set Temperature to adjust Rs/Ro temperature dependency
Fully Tested!! NEW!

How  we have tested it
We have ensured that this library delivers as promised by sending pre-configured RS parameters and multiple R0 parameters compared to the PPM value designated by the manufacturer in their datasheet.
(Image on datasheet and on arduino).
Your responsibility when implementing this library is to ensure that you calibrate the sensor correctly so that your results are reliable.

Test MQ131_O3 passed
Test MQ135_CO2 passed
Test MQ136_H2S passed
Test MQ2_LPG passed
Test MQ303A_Ethanol passed
Test MQ309A_CO passed
Test MQ3_Alcohol passed
Test MQ4_Smoke passed
Test MQ5_LPG passed
Test MQ6_CH4 passed
Test MQ7_CH4 passed
Test MQ8_H2 passed
Test MQ9_CO passed
Test adcMaxValue passed
Test adcMidValue passed
Test adcMinValue passed

Test summary: 16 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped, out of 16 test(s).
graph LR
A[Inicia el programa] --&gt; B[Setup]
B --&gt; C(Voltaje Lecture - MQ.update)
C --&gt; D(Calculation PPM MQ.readSensor)
D --&gt; E(Optional - serialDebug MQ.serialDebug)
E --&gt; F(Delay - Wait to take another sample)
F --&gt; A
  <dc:title>miguel5612/MQSensorsLib: 3.0.0</dc:title>
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