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4. Building Responsive Science and Innovation

Baisden, W Troy

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      "family": "Baisden, W Troy"
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  "abstract": "<p>Analysis preceding and developed for Aotearoa New Zealand&rsquo;s Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways Green Paper Consultation can be combined with a systems perspective to suggest Aotearoa&rsquo;s Research, Science and Innovation (RSI) system does not prioritise or respond as well as it should, and lacks coordinated strategies to address major issues. How can we assess concerns that potentially successful ideas and innovation are being stopped unnecessarily at systemic barriers, which could be removed in the current push for systemic reform?<br>\n<br>\nOstrom&rsquo;s eight principles for managing common pool resources provide a well-designed framework that can overcome the high level barriers, which may arise from hypercompetition and other dilemmas born out of the institutional structures and funding systems. There are at least three good options for implementing Ostrom&rsquo;s principles in high level institutional and funding structures. These provide enabling conditions for ensuring that efforts to address workforce career issues, funding stability, and improved funding mechanisms lead to a more effective and responsive RSI system. A more compelling basis for enhanced funding levels, trust and self-organising prioritisation can come from: 1) a well-implemented base funding system, 2) implementation of Ostrom&rsquo;s principles and values-driven approaches to rebuild trust, and 3) fellowships support that addresses the stress, connectivity and responsiveness issues currently observed.</p>", 
  "title": "4. Building Responsive Science and Innovation", 
  "type": "article", 
  "id": "6354852"
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