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Precarity in academia is tied to the contestable funding model.

Lee, K.L.

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    "description": "<p>This brief explores some of the drivers of precarity that are inherently built-in to our current contestable research funding model;&nbsp;although not&nbsp;by design.&nbsp; Herein, it is also&nbsp;highlighted why funding research and indeed researchers, 100% from contestable sources, does not reflect the reality of what academic researchers do with their time.&nbsp; In reality, researchers need to use a % of their time to do research-related&nbsp;(research-support) tasks,&nbsp;career-building tasks as well as research community contributions that are not explicitly described within the research projects that actually supply 100% of their salary.&nbsp; &nbsp;The system also fails to recognise that research is a continuum of knowledge-building rather than&nbsp;a series of individual research projects.&nbsp; With no element of stable funding base in the current system, the ability of researchers to carry out&nbsp;knowledge-building is compromised and there is therefore knowledge-loss.&nbsp; Precarity of our research workforce also drives skill-loss and is subsequently wasting money and resources.&nbsp; The proposal of a base grant model goes some way to recognise the reality of how research is actually carried out and therefore support a more efficient, flexible&nbsp;system, putting people and their talent first.&nbsp;</p>", 
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    "title": "Precarity in academia is tied to the contestable funding model.", 
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