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Scientific Falsification of the Theory of Evolution (ToE) and Introducing ToE's Replacement

Edgar Alberto Postrado

From the time of Bishop Samuel Wilberforce on 1860 AD to 2022 AD, many scientists had tried to falsify the Theory of Evolution (ToE) or Biological Evolution, but all of them had failed. This will be your first time to hear the reasons of their failures from this article. In this article, I will be showing you how to scientifically falsify the Theory of Evolution (ToE), and will be introducing you the new model as replacement. The new model is Biological Interrelation, BiTs, based on testable reality, by using scientific and testable analytical method, using the discovered scientific differences between intelligence (intentional) to non-intelligence (non-intentional), from the new Intelligent Design <id>. The author hopes that through this article, all scientists will learn on the importance of falsification, on how to falsify correctly, on how to correctly explain reality and on how to give correct/testable falsification criteria for any scientific explanation presented. This article is subdivided into five main topics: (Part 1) Realistically, what is really the Theory of Evolution (ToE)? (Part 2) How did some scientists falsify ToE and what are the invented falsification criteria for Biological Evolution or ToE? (Part 3) What are the Problems and Inconsistencies of ToE? Why ToE is Wrong? (Part 4) The correct Scientific Falsification of Theory of Evolution (ToE) and (Part 5) The replacement and its major explanations.

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