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Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter, 1460-1463 (Tiroler Landesarchiv Hs. 37)

Gruber-Tokić, Elisabeth

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  "description": "<p>The &ldquo;Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter (1460-1463, TLA Hs. 37)&rdquo; is of central importance for late medieval mining in the mountain region of Rattenberg in Tyrol (Austria) since it contains official extraction rights (= claims) to mine ores and minerals in the mining district of Brixlegg-Rattenberg. Furthermore, the document lists the grants of logging rights in general (ger. <em>Holzschlag</em>) and logging rights dedicated to smelting ores (ger<em>. H&uuml;ttschlag</em>).The present document contains the complete transcription of the historical document. The transcription was done within the framework of the project &ldquo;Text Mining Medieval Mining Texts&rdquo;. The research project (2019-2022) was carried out at the university of Innsbruck and funded by go!digital next generation programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.</p>", 
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      "name": "Gruber-Toki\u0107, Elisabeth"
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  "datePublished": "2022-02-25", 
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    "historical mining document", 
    "Early New High German", 
    "15th Century", 
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  "name": "Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter, 1460-1463 (Tiroler Landesarchiv Hs. 37)"
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