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juba/rainette: CRAN v0.3.0

Julien Barnier; Florian Privé; Kenneth Benoit

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  "description": "New features\n<p>Rework of the double classification computation :</p>\n<ul>\n<li>New <code>full</code> argument to <code>rainette2()</code>. If <code>TRUE</code> (default, same behavior as previous versions), all crossings between groups of the two single classifications are taken into account to find the best partition. If <code>FALSE</code>, only the crossings with maximal associations are kept.</li>\n<li>New <code>parallel</code> argument to <code>rainette2()</code> to compute partitions with <code>mclapply</code> (<code>FALSE</code> by default, won't work on Windows, uses more RAM)</li>\n<li>Global optimization and speed up of <code>rainette2()</code> computations, with added progress bars to better estimate long runs</li>\n</ul>\nDocumentation\n<ul>\n<li>Improved french vignette \"description des algorithmes\"</li>\n<li>New english vignette \"algorithms description\"</li>\n<li>Reworked french and english introduction vignettes</li>\n</ul>\nDeprecated features\n<ul>\n<li>The wordcloud plots will be deprecated in a near future. A warning has been added to <code>rainette_plot()</code> and <code>rainette2_plot()</code> if they are called with <code>type = \"cloud\"</code>.</li>\n</ul>\nOther\n<ul>\n<li>Add <code>show_na_title</code>, <code>cluster_label</code> and <code>keyness_plot_xlab</code> arguments to <code>rainette_plot()</code> to customize graphics output</li>\n<li>Fix warnings in Font Awesome icon names</li>\n</ul>", 
  "license": "", 
  "creator": [
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Julien Barnier"
      "affiliation": "National Center for Register-based Research (NCRR)", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Florian Priv\u00e9"
      "affiliation": "London School of Economics and Political Science", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Kenneth Benoit"
  "url": "", 
  "codeRepository": "", 
  "datePublished": "2022-02-19", 
  "version": "0.3.0", 
  "@context": "", 
  "identifier": "", 
  "@id": "", 
  "@type": "SoftwareSourceCode", 
  "name": "juba/rainette: CRAN v0.3.0"
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