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PyTransport 1.0

Mulryne, David

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  <dc:creator>Mulryne, David</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>PyTransport release 1.0 (2016).

This upload contains the PyTransport code, as well as examples and many of the files and figures generated during testing. 

*** Notes added in response to feedback: 1) There appears to be some confusion over the use of the complieName vs compileName3 function. Please use the former for python 2 versions and the latter for python 3 (the examples in the examples folder use both). 2) The compile function assumes that the python executable is "python". On some systems it appears it may be "python2". If this is the case, the code for the compileName function in the file needs to be altered by hand on line 96. ***

PyTransport constitutes a straightforward code written in C++  together with Python scripts which automatically edit, compile and run the C++ code as a Python module. The code is intended to be a reusable resource for inflationary cosmology. It enables users to quickly create a complied Python module(s) for any given model(s) of multi-field inflation. The primary function of the complied module is to calculate the power-spectrum and bi-spectrum of inflationary perturbations produced by multi-field inflation. 

PyTransport has been developed on OS X using Python 2.7, and is intended for use on Unix based systems.</dc:description>
  <dc:subject>Inflation, cosmological perturbation theory, non-Gaussianity</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>PyTransport 1.0</dc:title>
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