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Supplementary Dataset S8 for publication "Universality in human cortical folding in health and disease"

Wang, Yujiang; Necus, Joe; Kaiser, Marcus; Mota, Bruno

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  author       = {Wang, Yujiang and
                  Necus, Joe and
                  Kaiser, Marcus and
                  Mota, Bruno},
  title        = {{Supplementary Dataset S8 for publication 
                   "Universality in human cortical folding in health
                   and disease"}},
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  year         = 2016,
  note         = {{Data sources We used four publicly available 
                   datasets in this study.   The HCP dataset has been
                   obtained from 500 subjects release from the Human
                   Connectome Project ( Data
                   were provided in part by the Human Connectome
                   Project, WU-Minn Consortium (Principal
                   Investigators: David Van Essen and Kamil Ugurbil;
                   1U54MH091657) funded by the 16 NIH Institutes and
                   Centers that support the NIH Blueprint for
                   Neuroscience Research; and by the McDonnell Center
                   for Systems Neuroscience at Washington University.
                   The OASIS data has been obtained from the Open
                   Access Series of Imaging Studies project (www
          We used the cross-sectional
                   dataset, and only included the subset of healthy
                   subjects. OASIS project was supported by P50
                   AG05681, P01 AG03991, R01 AG021910, P50 MH071616,
                   U24 RR021382, R01 MH56584.  The NKI data has been
                   obtained from Nathan Kline Institute (NKI)
                   Rockland Sample (http://fcon\_1000.projects.nitrc.o
                   rg/indi/pro/nki.html), where funding for key
                   personnel was provided in part by the New York
                   State Office of Mental Health and Research
                   Foundation for Mental Hygiene. Additional project
                   support provided by the NKI Center for Advanced
                   Brain Imaging (CABI), the Brain Research
                   Foundation (Chicago, IL), the Stavros Niarchos
                   Foundation, and NIH grant P50 MH086385-S1.  The
                   ADNI data has been obtained from the Alzheimer's
                   Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
                   ( Data collection and
                   sharing for the ADNI project was supported by ADNI
                   (National Institutes of Health Grant U01
                   AG024904). We included subjects from ADNI1, ADNI
                   GO, and ADNI2, and selected all 3T sessions. For
                   all subjects we only included one scan point
                   (first 3T scan), to be consistent with the
                   previous three cross-sectional datasets. We also
                   only included the healthy controls and the
                   Alzheimer's patients in this study.   As we only
                   used publicly available datasets, no informed
                   consent procedure was required. We confirm that we
                   complied with all the data usage policies of each
                   of the datasets we used. A general ethical
                   approval was granted by Newcastle University to
                   carry out the described research under the
                   reference number 1186/2015.}},
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.61348},
  url          = {}
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