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CppTransport 2016.3

Seery, David

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  <dc:creator>Seery, David</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>2016.3 release of the CppTransport platform for computation of correlation functions generated during an inflationary epoch in the early universe.

Platform improvements – translator

	Backwards incompatible: change calculation of model UIDs to use only the identifier, name, license and revision. Other metadata is no longer used. This allows the metadata to be modified (eg. add references) without changing the UID.
	Implement ‘A-tilde’ tensor concept. This contains only the slow contributions to the A-tensor and is needed to compute initial conditions in QSFI-like scenarios.

Platform improvements – runtime

	Improve calculation of initial conditions. These now include the leading term in (k/aH) from each possible source: dimension 5 [fast-A, C], dimension 4 [B] and dimension 3 [slow-A]. The dimension 5 operators dominate in most models, but the large coupling makes dimension 3 contributions important in QSFI-like scenarios.

Bug fixes – translator

	Fix incorrect handling of unary minus in model description files.
	Improve handling of context data during error reports. Previously, the reported context could slightly misrepresent the location of an error.
	Fix incorrect conversion of hexadecimal and octal literals in model description files.

Bug fixes – runtime

	Improve handling of exceptions generated during repository creation. These normally indicate a mismatching number of parameters or initial conditions, and are now reported correctly to the user.
	Improve handling of exception conditions during integration.
	Fix incorrect labelling in background_line.
	Fix incorrect labelling in HTML report for largest_u3_line.
	Fix regression which caused the terminal width not to be detected correctly for multicolumn key-value output. 
  <dc:subject>early universe cosmology</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>automated tools</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>CppTransport 2016.3</dc:title>
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