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eliocamp/metR: metR 0.12.0

Elio Campitelli; Matt; Paola Corrales; Paul Murrell

New Features
  • Adds example of scale_y_level() (\@paocorrales, #153).

  • ReadNetCDF() now should parse times correctly even if the use non-standard calendars. This now makes udunits2 and PCICt required to parse time.

  • Arrays returned by ReadNetCDF(…, out = "array") gain a "dimvalues" attribute which is analogous to dimnames but has the correct types (dates are dates, numerics are numerics, etc...).

  • EOF() gains a new engine argument to chose the function to compute the singular value decomposition.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed wrong sdev component in EOF() when using base::svd() in some cases.
  • seasonally() now returns a Date object even if the input is datetime. This avoids issues when the time component of the input was not all the same.
  • Fixed a bug in ImputeEOF() in which the algorithm tried to compute 0 EOFs.
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