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EndoAbS Dataset

Veronica Penza

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.60593", 
    "description": "<p>The <strong>EndoAbS Dataset</strong> (Endoscopic Abdominal Stereo Images Dataset) aims to provide to the computer assisted surgery community a dataset for the validation of 3D reconstruction algorithms.<br>\nIt is composed of:<br>\n- 120 pair of endoscopic stereo images of abdominal organs (liver, kidneys, spleen);<br>\n- corresponding ground truth in left-camera reference frame, generated using a laser scanner;<br>\n- camera calibration parameters;</p>\n\n<p>The images were captured under different conditions:<br>\n- different light levels;<br>\n- presence of smoke; &nbsp;<br>\n- two phantom-endoscope distances (~5cm or ~10cm);<br>\n&nbsp;<br>\nIf you use this dataset, please cite:<br>\n&nbsp;<br>\n&nbsp;Penza, V., Ciullo, A. S., Moccia, S., Mattos, L. S., &amp; De Momi, E. (2018). EndoAbS dataset: Endoscopic abdominal stereo image dataset for benchmarking 3D stereo reconstruction algorithms. <em>The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery</em>, e1926.</p>\n\n<p>For further information, please contact</p>", 
    "title": "EndoAbS Dataset", 
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    "access_conditions": "<p>Only people interested in using this dataset for research development.</p>", 
    "references": [
      "A.S. Ciullo, V. Penza, L. Mattos, E. De Momi (2016)", 
      "\"Development of a surgical stereo endoscopic image dataset for", 
      "validating 3D stereo reconstruction algorithms.\" 6th Joint Workshop on", 
      "New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery.", 
      "Penza, V., Ortiz, J., Mattos, L. S., Forgione, A., & De Momi, E. (2016).", 
      "\"Dense soft tissue 3D reconstruction refined with super-pixel segmentation for", 
      "robotic abdominal surgery.\"  International journal of computer assisted radiology", 
      "and surgery, 11(2), 197-206."
    "keywords": [
      "endoscopic stereo image dataset", 
      "3D reconstruction algorithm evaluation", 
      "ground truth", 
      "abdominal phantom model"
    "publication_date": "2016-08-22", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "Politecnico di Milano", 
        "name": "Veronica Penza"
    "access_right": "restricted", 
    "resource_type": {
      "type": "dataset", 
      "title": "Dataset"
    "related_identifiers": [
        "scheme": "doi", 
        "identifier": "10.5281/zenodo.640084", 
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