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Kyle P. Johnson; Patrick J. Burns; Tyler Kirby; Luke Hollis; Sourav Singh; Chaitanya Sai Alaparthi; Bhupendra Singh Chauhan; Martín Pozzi; Nimit Bhardwaj; Soumya; Andreas Grivas; Md. Sabbir Alam; Nelson Liu; Nathan D. Smith; Nurendra Choudhary; Nishant Nikhil; Aakarsh Singh; Michele Bevilacqua; Manvendra Singh; theaverageguy; Swier; shai wilson; mark-keaton; The Gitter Badger; AmitShilo; Eamonn Bell; Stephen Margheim

Behind-the-scenes changes for easy-to-use corpus reader by @diyclassics (Patrick Burns), from PR #347

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