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Spatially resolved metabolic composition in seeds of common bean: comparison of the low phytic acid mutant and the wild type

Barac, Marko; Siketic, Zdravko; Bogdanovic Radovic, Iva; Brajkovic, Marko; Pongrac, Paula; Vogel-Mikus, Katarina

Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seeds are a good source of energy, are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins (such as Fe, Zn, B-vitamin), and bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols. However, the presence of some antinutritional compounds, such as phytic acid (PA), which decreases mineral bioavailability, can limit the nutritional value of common beans. Therefore, genotypes with low PA concentrations in common beans have been generated. The increased bioavailability of Fe from LPA mutant seeds compared to the wild type common beans was shown in a stable Fe-isotope absorption study in Swiss women, indicating that the seeds of LPA common bean could be used to help remedy the Fe malnutrition in women. Within this TNA project, we spatially resolved molecular composition in LPA mutant and wild-type common beans, particularly the distribution of PA. In total, three replicates of each genotype were analyzed with MeV-SIMS at RBI. Positive and negative modes were operated for analysis of the samples and of the standard (PA). Best spectra were obtained in negative mode, in which three distinct peaks were observed in the standard (PA): 63 m/z: PO2-, 79 m/z: PO3- and 97 m/z: H2PO4-.

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