Dataset Open Access

Digital elevation model mosaic of the Hypanis region, Mars

Adler, Jacob B.

This dataset accompanies the following papers:

Adler et al. (2019) Hypotheses for the origin of the Hypanis fan-shaped deposit at the edge of the Chryse escarpment, Mars: Is it a delta? Icarus, 319, 885-908. doi:

Adler et al. (2022) Regional Geology of the Hypanis Valles System, Mars. JGR: Planets, doi: 10.1029/2021JE006994


-       DEM mosaic of the Hypanis Valles and deposit region constructed from CTX, HRSC, and MOLA elevation data (geotiff).

-       Coverage map of CTX, HRSC, and MOLA footprints used (shapefile).

-       Previews of DEM (greyscale and color) and of coverage map (png)


We constructed a regional elevation mosaic (~17 m/pixel) in Adler et al. (2019) archived here. This mosaic incorporates 10 CTX digital elevation models (DEMs) of high resolution, 3 HRSC digital elevation models of medium resolution, and 1 MOLA global DEM of low resolution. Individual CTX DEMs were generated from the stereopairs listed below. Some individual products were calibrated and formatted with the USGS Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (ISIS) and then Ames Stereo Pipeline. Other products were generated with SOCET SET. All products were controlled to MOLA shot elevation data.

Data incorporated:

CTX stereopairs:

ID (nadir-most), ID (resolution [m/pix])

P07_003631_1920, B09_013296_1920 (17.7 m/pixel)

B17_016408_1913, G06_020443_1916 (18.5 m/pixel)

J03_046104_1918, F05_037783_1918 (24.0 m/pixel)

P08_004264_1912, B06_011951_1916 (17.7 m/pixel)

G09_021788_1918, G11_022434_1918 (18.4 m/pixel)

B17_016474_1915, B19_017186_1915 (20.2 m/pixel)

D19_034816_1921, F01_036293_1920 (24.0 m/pixel)

P13_006176_1918, F01_036293_1920 (18.2 m/pixel)

D07_029845_1921, D07_029990_1921 (20.2 m/pixel)

G21_026601_1918, P04_002774_1922 (20.2 m/pixel)


H2134 (75 m/pixel)

H2145 (50 m/pixel)

H0894 (75 m/pixel)

MOLA Elevation:

128 ppd Elevation (463 m/pixel)


The work to create individual CTX stereopair DEMs was funded by UK Space Agency (UK SA) grants ST/ K502388/1, ST/R002355/1, ST/L00643X/1, and ST/R001413/1. We thank the Science and Technology Facilities Council for supporting science relating to ExoMars Rover landing site selection activities. The work to create a mosaic using these products and others was supported by grants from the NASA Mars Odyssey Project under a subcontract to ASU administered by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology.

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