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mbari-media-management/vars-annotation: vars-annotation 1.14

Brian Schlining; Eric Jinks

This release address several issues:

  • The association editor has a minor bug that could prevent the toConcept from being selected or edited
  • MBARI uses a special prefix of dsg- for certain link templates used in our Deep-sea Guide. This release filters those out of the association editor.
  • Associations are now alphabetically sorted in any view that displays them
  • When an association is selected, pressing Enter opens the association editor.
  • Removed all support for annotating video tape.
  • Updated all dependencies to the latest versions
  • Change logging level from DEBUG to INFO

Note that we are still working through code signing issues on macOS. If you get a message that says the application is damaged run the following in a terminal:

cd /Applications
sudo xattr -d -r "VARS"

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