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L3Pilot Open Data

Hendrik Weber; Johannes Hiller; Lutz Eckstein; Barbara Metz; Andreas Landau; Yee Mun Lee; Tyron Louw; Jeroen Hogema; Marijke van Weperen; Esko Lehtonen; Henri Sintonen; Thomas Streubel; Erik Svanberg; Anastasia Bolovinou; Anastasios Rigos; Luisa Andreone; Francesco Bellotti; Adrian Zlocki

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                   consider, that the data was gathered using pre-
                   series vehicles in an experimental setup on public
                   roads. Although the vehicles piloted were mature
                   enough for operation on public roads, they may
                   deviate from behaviour of automated series
                   vehicles, which could for instance depend on
                   legislative changes on speeds and distance
                   requirements. This may also affect the user-
                   related analysis.}},
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