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Synthesis and spectral studies of thorium( IV) and dioxouranium(V) metal complexes with Schiff base ligandΨ

Kishor Arora; R. C. Goyal; D. D. Agarwal; M. C. Pathak

Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous K. R. G. College, Gwalior-474 001, India

E-mail :

Department of Chemistry, Government P. G. College, Morena-476 001, India

School of Studies in Chemistry, Jiwaji University, Gwalior-474 011, India

Department of Chemistry, Government Autonomous Science College, Gwalior, India

Manuscript received 9 August 2001, revised 9 January 2002, accepted 5 April 2002

A series of new complexes of Schiff base 2-bromo-1N[4-N,N-bis(2'-cynoethylaminobenzalidene)Jaminobenzene (BCABAB) have been prepared from thorium(IV) and dioxouranium(V) metal salts having composition UO2X2.nL (X = CH3COO-, NO-3, I- or NCS-, n = 2; X = ClO-4; L = BCABAB) and ThX4.nL (X = NO-3, NCS-, n = 2, X = I- = 4 and X = ClO-4; n = 6, L = BCABAB). BCABAB acts as neutral monodentate ligand and coordinate to the metal ion via azomethine nitrogen.

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