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Synthesis of complexes of N-benzoyl-N' -(2-hydroxyphenyl)thiocarbaniide with some bivalent transition metal ions

D. C. Dash; A. K. Panda; A. Mahapatra; S. B. Patjoshi

P. G. Department of Chemistry, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, Sambalpur-768 019. India

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Manuscript received 21 May 2001, revised 9 November 2001, accepted 21 March 2002

A series of binuclear complexes of types [M2(BPT)2(H2O)4] and [M2(BPT)2L4], where H2BPT = N-benzoyl-N'-(2-hydroxyphenyl)- thiocarbamide, L = pyridine or picolines (a,(3,7), M = Cull, Coll and Nill have been synthesized. The ligand acts as a tridentate dibasic donor coordinating through carbonyl oxygen, thiocarbamido sulfur and deprotonated phenolic oxygen to yield the metal complexes in which water is replaceable by pyridine or picolines.

The magnetic and electronic spectral data indicate the complexes to he in an approximately octahedral environment, the symmetry being Oh for the Coll and D4h, for others. Crystal field parameters for the Coll and distortion parameters for the Nill complexes on the basis of proposed geometry have been calculated.

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