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Integrity: Fragmented & Outsourced

Laine, Heidi

This poster presents preliminary findings of a case study on the historical development of Finnish research ethics (RE) and research integrity (RI) regulation, especially Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity. Sources used thus far are archival records and contemporary literature. 
   RE&RI together with the ever buzzing open science (as in accessible, verifiable, reusable) are all about the social responsibility and moral quality of research. Unfortunately they exist in separate silos, even outside research community. In Finland, where learned societies are many but uninfluential, governmental bodies, like ministries and funders, direct course of research policy discussion, f.e. in the case of recent Open Science & Research Initiative.
  Finnish research policy officials are often former researchers, with strong ties to almae matres and former colleagues, and stately authority and resources have undoubtedly helped hasten progress on many fronts.
   Still, when evaluating the national RE&RI landscape from 1991 on, I have recognised several challenges. The network of operators is complicated and units underresourced and understaffed. The ideal is self-regulation, but large portion of that 'self', the community, is underrepresented, especially early careers and in the RI board also natural sciences other than medicine and bio science.   
   Despite some shortcomings, Finnish RE&RI regulation is progressive by international standards and can generally be regarded as a trustworthy watchdog. By addressing its challenges it will continue to act as such. 

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