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Debugging OpenStack Problems Using a State Graph Approach

Yong Xiang

It is hard to operate and debug systems like OpenStack that integrate many independently developed modules with multiple levels of abstractions. A major challenge is to navigate through the complex dependencies and relationships of the states in different modules or subsystems, to ensure the correctness and consistency of these states. We present a system that captures the runtime states and events from the entire OpenStack-Ceph stack, and automatically organizes these data into a graph that we call system operation state graph (SOSG). With SOSG we can use intuitive graph traversal techniques to solve problems like reasoning about the state of a virtual machine. Also, using a graph-based anomaly detection, we can automatically discover hidden problems in OpenStack. We have a scalable implementation of SOSG, and evaluate the approach on a 125-node production OpenStack cluster, finding a number of interesting problems.

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