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Kuentz, A.; Arheimer, B; , Hundecha, Y.; and Wagener, T.

Geological age and type in percentage of upstream area for all E-HYPE sub-basins outlets. 22 different combinations of age and type are used: Cenozoic (Cz), Cenozoic-Mesozoic (CzMz), Cenozoic-Mesozoic intrusive (CzMzi) ), Cenozoic-Mesozoic volcanic (CzMzv), Cenozoic volcanic (Czv), Mesozoic (Mz), Mesozoic-Paleozoic (MzPz), Mesozoic-Paleozoic metamorphic (MzPzm), Mesozoic intrusive (Mzi), Mesozoic metamorphic (Mzm), Mesozoic volcanic (Mzv), Paleozoic (Pz), Paleozoic intrusive (Pzi), Paleozoic metamorphic (Pzm), Paleozoic-Precambrian (PzpCm), Paleozoic-Precambrian metamorphic (PzpCmm), Paleozoic volcanic (Pzv), intrusive (i), metamorphic (m), Precambrian (pCm), Precambrian intrusive (pCmi), Precambrian volcanic (pCmv). The "Karst" column indicates the percentage of area which is marked as "carbonate outcrop area" according to the World Map of Carbonate Rock Outcrops V3.0. This data can be linked to the shapefile "MULTIHARO_TotalDomain_WGS84_20140428_2" available as a separate download. To do so, link the "SUBID_OUT" filed of the shapefile with the "SUBID" field of this dataset.

The subcatchments are defined according to the E-HYPE V.3.0.0 model setting (, Donnely et al., 2016) USGS Geological maps of Europe and the Arabian Peninsula (Pawlewicz et al, 1997, Pollastro et al., 1999) World Map of Carbonate Soil Outcrops V3.0 (
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