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OPENDAP/bes: Version 3.20.10 for Hyrax 1.16.5

James Gallagher; Nathan Potter; The Robot Travis; kyang2014; Kodi Neumiller; Slav Korolev; Corey Hemphill; Riley Rimer; Sam Lloyd; blackone-sudo; Uday Kari; Dan Holloway; Captain James Tiberius Kirk; H. Joe Lee; Orion Poplawski; Edward Hartnett; Lewis John McGibbney; rmorris2342; ptype

DMR++ Improvements
  • Added support for the HDF5 filter Fletcher32 to the dmr++ creation and processing code.

  • Implemented lazy evaluation of dmr++ files. This change greatly improves efficiency/speed for requests that subset a dataset that contains a large number of variables as only the variables requested will have their Chunk information read and parsed.

  • Added version and configuration information to dmr++ files built using the build_dmrpp and get_dmrpp applications. This will enable people to recreate and understand the conditions which resulted in a particular dmr++ instance. This also includes a -z switch for get_dmrpp which will return its version.

Handler Updates
  • Added new netcdf_handler configuration parameter: NC.PromoteByteToShort Which, when set to true will cause signed 8-bit integer values to be promoted to Int16 (Because the DAP2 data model does not support signed 8-bit integers)

  • By default the NetCDF Fileout feature will ship with FONc.ClassicModel=false

  • Added new configuration option to the HDF5 handler: EnableCFDMR=true which will allow the generation of CF compliant DMR output.

General Houskeeping
  • Code organization changes to facilitate development and compilation on different platforms.
    • Moved functions into modules directory
    • Improved Test scripts to handle version string updates.
    • Changed libdap includ paths to "libdap/*.h" to prevent include file collisions.
    • Started migrating to C++11 regex implementation (away from older less efficient GNU implementation) This is controlled by a compile time switch for now.
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