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CTX DTM and ORI Mosaics over Sakarya Vallis, Gale Crater, Mars

Divya M. Persaud; Yu Tao; Jan-Peter Muller

Thesis supervisor(s)

Andrew Coates; Daisuke Kawata; Robert Barnes

Local digital terrain model (DTM) and orthorectified image (ORI) mosaics over Sakarya Vallis, west of Aeolis Mons in Gale crater, Mars. The two constituent DTMs were processed using the CASP-GO suite described in Tao et al. (2018); the ORIs were processed using Ames Stereo Pipeline. The DTMs were then co-registered to an HRSC DTM mosaic (Persaud et al. 2021, and each other using Ames Stereo Pipeline, and then cropped and mosaicked.

Format: GeoTiff
Projection: Equidistant cylindrical
Datum: Spheroid (r = 3396.190 km)
Bit depth: Float32
DTM grid-spacing: 18 m/pixel
ORI resolution: 6 m/pixel

Stereo pairs (from Grindrod and Davis, 2018):

  • P04_002675_1746_XI_05S222W, B21_017786_1746_XN_05S222W
  • D02_027834_1748_XN_05S222W, G04_019698_1747_XI_05S222W

Image IDs of the ORIs: P04_002675_1746_XI_05S222W, D02_027834_1748_XN_05S222W

The first author is now at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. Contact:
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  • Beyer, R. A., O. Alexandrov, and S. McMichael. 2018a. "NeoGeographyToolkit/StereoPipeline: Ames Stereo Pipeline 2.6.1." Zenodo.

  • Grindrod, P. M., and J. Davis. 2018. "Gale Crater Stereo CTX DTMs + Orthoimages." figshare.

  • Persaud, D. M., Putri, A. D. R., Muller, J.-P. (2021). 30-m HRSC DTM Mosaic of Gale Crater, Mars [Data set]. Zenodo.

  • Tao, Y., J.-P. Muller, P. Sidiropoulos, S. Xiong, A. R. D. Putri, S. H. G. Walter, J. Veitch-Michaelis, and V. Yershov. 2018. "Massive Stereo-Based DTM Production for Mars on Cloud Computers." Planetary and Space Science 154 (September 2017): 30–58.

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