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PecanProject/bety: BETYdb 4.16

Scott Rohde; Carl Crott; David LeBauer; mulroony; Jeremy Kemball; Rob Kooper; Jimmy Chen; andrewshirk; Zhengqi Yang; Max Burnette; MarvinJ; phenolphtalein; Uday Saraf; The Gitter Badger; Michael Dietze; Chris Black

Adds experiments API endpoint and new table relating sites to cultivars Changes Pertinent to PEcAn Users

Administrators will need to do a database migration.

Summary of Changes New Features
  • Issue #475 Add sites_cultivars table

    Entries in the sites_cultivars table are used to specify that a given site is used for growing and studying a given cultivar. Trigger functions in the database schema ensure that this relationship is enforced on all traits and yields; that is, if a given row in the traits (or yields) table specifies a given site, and if that site matches an entry in the sites_cultivars table, then the row must also specify the appropriate cultivar as determined by that entry.

    For more details, see

    [At some future time this may be changed so that a cultivar may depend on both the site and the date of the trait or yield. This way, a site may be associated with different cultivars and different points in time.]

  • New API endpoint for experiments relation

    Information from the experiments table is now available from the API endpoint

    [BETYdb root URL]/api/beta/experiments
Other Changes

There are some minor changes to the new variable and edit variable forms, including a newly-available variable type "reflectance index".

Steps Needed for Upgrade Database Changes

Administrators will need to do a database migration.

The database version for this release is 20170415183619.

Gem Installation

No new Gems need be installed.

Status of RSpec Tests

All non-pending tests pass when run in the default environment. (There is one pending test having to do with site-group editing permissions.) The tests can be run using the command

bundle exec rspec

Complete details for running the RSpec tests are at

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