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Full data for 'Ubiquitous Non-Majorana Zero-Bias Conductance Peaks in Nanowire Devices'

Chen,Jun; Frolov, Sergey

This repository contains experimental data for the following paper:
Ubiquitous Non-Majorana Zero-Bias Conductance Peaks in Nanowire Devices.
Authors: J. Chen, B. D. Woods, P. Yu, M. Hocevar, D. Car, S. R. Plissard, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, T. D. Stanescu, and S. M. Frolov.
Content of this repository: 

Readme file. 

Original data obtained at the time of measurement for devices 0520-840-NW5,0520-840-2,0520-840-NW1,0510-197.

/Measurement notes/
All the measurement data was summarized in powerpoints, catagorized by the name of the device. Data in the main text was measured on devices 0524-840-NW5 and 0520-840-2, Data in the supplementary information was measured on all the devices.

/Data of paper figures/
All the organized data files for the figures in the main text and supplementary information.

Data file types:
data_NNN.dat  - the original data file obtained at the time of the experiment    - the original QTLab data acquisition script saved with data
data_NNN.set  - settings of measurement instruments at the time of measurement
data_NNN.meta - auxillary file necessary for plotting data using SpyView (see below) 
data_NNN.MTX  - a simple 2D/3D matrix format developed for Spyview

NNN stands for dataset number, automatically indexed by QTLab

How to plot data:

1) Spyview - a free data plotting program written by Gary Steele

Data in this repository can be simply dropped into Spyview for plotting. 

Spyview also produces and can read .mtx files which are available for some of the data in this repository.

2) QTPlot - a Python plotter written by Ruben van Gulik

Data in this repository can be directly opened with QTPlot, which will read axis labels.

Note: requires PyQT4

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