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Flowminder/FlowKit: 1.16.0

Jonathan Gray; maxalbert; James Harrison; Thingus; Bhavin Panchal; Dan Williams; OwlHute; flowstef; Guilherme Zagatti; Christopher J Brooks; The Gitter Badger

  • Most frequent locations is now available via FlowAPI. #3165
  • Total active periods is now available via FlowAPI.
  • Made hour of day slicing available via FlowAPI. #3165
  • Added visited on most days reference location query. #4267
  • Added unique value from query list query. #4486
  • Added mixin for exposing start_date and end_date internally as datetime objects #4497
  • Added CombineFirst and CoalescedLocation queries. #4524
  • Added MajorityLocation query. #4522
  • Added join_type param to Flows class. #4539
  • Added PerSubscriberAggregate query. #4559
  • Added FlowETL QA checks 'count_imeis', 'count_imsis', 'count_locatable_location_ids', 'count_null_imeis', 'count_null_imsis', 'count_null_location_ids', 'max_msisdns_per_imei', 'max_msisdns_per_imsi', 'count_added_rows_outgoing', 'count_null_counterparts', 'count_null_durations', 'count_onnet_msisdns_incoming', 'count_onnet_msisdns_outgoing', 'count_onnet_msisdns', 'max_duration' and 'median_duration'. #4552
  • Added FilteredReferenceLocation query, which returns only rows where a subscriber visited a reference location the required number of times. #4584
  • Added LabelledSpatialAggregate query and redaction, which sub-aggregates by subscriber labels. #4668
  • Added MobilityClassification query, to classify subscribers by mobility type based on a sequence of locations. #4666
  • Exposed CoalescedLocation via FlowAPI, in the specific case where the fallback location is a FilteredReferenceLocation query. #4585
  • Added LabelledFlows query, which returns flows disaggregated by label #4679
  • Exposed LabelledSpatialAggregate and LabelledFlows via FlowAPI, with a MobilityClassification query accepted as the 'labels' parameter. #4669
  • Added RedactedLabelledAggregate and subclasses for redacting labelled data (see ADR 0011). #4671
  • Harmonised FlowAPI parameter names for start and end dates. They are now all start_date and end_date
  • Further improvements to token display in FlowAuth. #1124
  • Increased the FlowDB quickstart container's timeout to 15 minutes. #782
  • Union and Query.union now accept a variable number of queries to concatenate. #4565
  • Autoflow's prefect version is now current. #2544
  • FlowMachine server will now successfully remove cache for queries defined in an interactive flowmachine session during cleanup. #4008
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